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Mika Nakashima - Concert 2008? 2008/2/15 02:59
Will Mika Nakashima have a live concert in 2008? If yes, what are the details?

I don't speak Japanese so it's hard for me to find out. Can someone help me on this please?

If she doesn't have concert this year, is there another event I can see her performance around April-May?
by Wesyu  

I don't know :( 2008/5/7 14:15
But I'm really interested in finding out too!

If anyone knows if she has any shows in Japan during July of this year, please let me know!

Thanks :D
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. 2008/5/8 02:36
Seems that she will sing at the so-called "FM802 MEET THE WORLD BEAT 2008"-open air festival.
It's on Sunday, 27th July in Osaka.
The festival will open at 11 am and start at 12:30 pm.

It's located in the LO (= bankokuhakukinenkouen, if I read it right) and seems to be free (but not sure)


Sorry, didn't find out more so far ^^;

Seems that she has no other concert plans for 2008?
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End of August? 2008/5/8 06:06
Any Mika's event at the end of August? Like Aug 24~31?
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To Wesyu 2008/5/9 00:48
Sorry, I didn't find anything on her homepage. Until now the most up to date is the event on 7/27.
Maybe it will be anounced later or she doesn't have any event in the end of August...
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