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1st trip to japan - where to? 2008/2/15 18:11
hi, im heading to tokyo from 29feb - 8mar. would like to travel to another city for more sightseeing, a taste of real japanese food n even outdoor activities. heard that the next best city to visit besides tokyo is hokkaido, kyoto and osaka. will hokkaido be too out of the way for me in this instance? what would i be able to expect from kyota or osaka?
thanks in advance for your advice.
by azure02  

... 2008/2/16 08:39
a taste of real japanese food

You can get that whereever you go in Japan.

even outdoor activities.

What kind of activities do you have in mind?

heard that the next best city to visit besides tokyo is hokkaido, kyoto and osaka.

It depends on your interests! If you are interested in history, you should head for Kyoto, for sure. If you want to go skiing, Nagano, Niigata or Hokkaido would be great destinations. It very much depends on your interests!

Here are some ideas:
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Hokkaido 2008/2/16 10:34
I believe that Hokkaido in this season is too cold to get about. Western or southern part of Japan is better.
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Kyoto & Osaka 2008/2/17 03:50
Definitely not Hokaido - too cold!! Hokaido is best to visit during summer. Niigata and nagano is the better choice for skiing


Although Kyoto is best enjoy in Spring and Fall (in my opinion as Summer can be too hot) - Winter is good too as not to many ppl.


Furthermore as they are having special promotion on winter special this year. A lot of World Heritage sites over there and Osaka and Nara is very near if you think Kyoto alone is not enough.

Good luck in planning your travels
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toyko to kyoto then... :) 2008/2/17 04:09
dear uji, miki n mel,

hey, thank u so much 4 ur prompt response!! :) alright, guess i will skip hokkaido since its too freezing cold even for skiing now.
what would be the most economical way to get to kyoto from tokyo? any idea on the railway fares (to n fro tokyo)? would it be worth it if i purchase those unlimited 7-days railway tix (if there is any)? im personally more inclined towards gardens/lakes or natural scenery. any recommendations on that as well as nice/cheap accomodation?
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... 2008/2/17 07:28
alright, guess i will skip hokkaido since its too freezing cold even for skiing now.

This is just not true! It is now the best time of the year to ski in Hokkaido. Actually, I am leaving to Hokkaido tomorrow to do just that. Temperatures seldomly drop to minus double digit, which is cold but not extremely cold. You just need to bring warm clothing, which is no different if you are going skiing in Niigata or Nagano. However, in your case, a detour to Hokkaido would be time consuming.
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Winter travel 2008/2/17 12:55
Hokkaido is rapidly becoming a world renown winter travel destination and is popular for its deep powder snow conditions, and winter scenery. Yet, the temperatures will be no colder or milder than other popular destinations like Vale, Colorado or the Italian Alps.

Japan is an excellent winter travel destination. If you can't make it that far, consider Mt. Zao in N. Honshu, which is known for it's winter scenery, onsen (hot springs), and mountains covered with juhyo (snow monsters).

Kyoto, will be too early for spring colors like cherry blossoms, but is a good source of gardens and temples, which can still be appreciated in the winter. Kyushu and Matsue have famous gardens. Kyushu will have the most comfortable weather.

The coldest time in Japan has already past, and it could be as warm as 15 C in Kyushu or above freezing in Hokkaido by time you visit.
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