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Will my card work? 2008/2/16 12:36
i think i have got the jist of things that withdrawing money i can only use the selective atm's (post office/citibank etc) but when i pay for something on credit (visa/amex) like paying for my hotel will they accept?
by Chad!  

. 2008/2/16 14:17
If the hotel accepts credit card as a form of payment I don't see any reason.

I use amex and visa without problems at hotels.
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Visa 2008/2/16 15:16
Visa card is accepted at the post office, citibank, Shinsei bank and seven-eleven.

I think all the hotels accept payment by credit card in the urban cities unless the hotel is quite small.
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cards.. 2008/2/16 15:55
7-11 stores are very practical because of their long hours. They also give the balance of your account(in yen..). Does you credit card has the logo of Cirrus or Plus ? then it will work in Japan. You should call your card company to tell them that you will be in Japan from-- to ---otherwise they may not accept the charge. be sure to do the same with your bank re your ATM card.
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credit cards in Japan 2008/2/16 19:39
I have heard that many places do take cards with no problems, some do not. I do not know if you can find what places do take credit cards out in advance. I have also been told by different people whom have used theres in virity of places that the banks, and ATMs (some times there own) have carged them. the charge is often little but since they know of the charge the price of what ever makes a differance in how they pay.
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