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Metal Panels on my windows 2008/2/16 14:21
Hello, I have a question about my windows in my apartment. I have some metal panels up and I was wondering which season is the best time to use them?

I've been using them now because it's cold out and I was thinking it would help insulate my room, but when it's hot outside during the summer, is it better to put them away?

Also, i acutally won't get any sun at all while living here since they're doing construction right outside my apartment in the park... that means that their construction wall is blocking my window entirely and I can reach out and touch it from inside my room. I'm on the ground floor. So whether that makes a difference in temperature during the summer, i'm not sure.
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shattaa? 2008/2/16 17:48
By "metal panels" do you mean the so-called "shattaa" (shutter)?

If so, they are designed to be used (shut) during the night, for security and temprature, as well as during storms, to protect your window glass.

According to my experience, I find that if you shut them right after sunset, it helps keep the room warmer during the night. In summer when it's hot, you may want to leave it open until you go to bed. But if you shut the shutter and keep the windows open, it secures your room while letting some air in.

Btw, I can't believe that the construction will continue until summer.
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it will!! 2008/2/16 18:47
the whole time i'm living here... they're working on the water pipes and they'll be working until October. I leave in August or so... The sign near my apartment gives the dates of planned construction.
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