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First trip to tokyo, interior design? 2008/2/16 16:16

I am about to go on my first trip to Tokyo. I have always wanted to go all of my life.

I am in the real estate industry and I want to go to the area for a day that would be point me in the direction of great home decor and interior design stores for apartments. From tiles to appliances to electronics etc...
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design 2008/2/16 16:47
Be sure to go to a Kinokinuya bookstore (try the one next to Takashimaya Times square (a big department store)in South Sinjuku and look at Japanese architecture and design magazines on the main floor. Expensive but worth it!
Yodobashi cameras and other big electronic stores have a huge selection of home appliances. Japanese fridges must be seen to be believed!. why electronic stores? because refrigerators, toilets/bidets, ceiling lights etc. all have electronic components and are operated by remote controls. I forgot where I saw great furniture, most likely on Omotesando and Aoyama. for furniture showrooms check:
have a look at Japanese newspapers on the Internet. They have ads for new condo buildings. the internet sites of these buildings are amazing. if you get one in English you will be able to find a map to their presentation centre.. Once in Tokyo ask the hotel staff to save you flyers on condos. The papers are full of them.
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a building 2008/2/16 16:52
for a sample site in English for a new condo try: http://www.sw-kamikitazawa.com/plan/plan.html
or just type sunwood kamikitazawa. then of course open all the various tabs one after the other.
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furniture 2008/2/16 17:02

This store may be accessible while you are in Tokyo. they display big furniture like bed, shelf and table
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