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Osaka - Kobe - Kyoto Itinerary 2008/2/16 20:19
I'll be going to to Osaka for the 1st time at the end of March, and i plan to explore Kobe and Kyoto as well. I have about 8 days. Some questions - Would a night each in Kobe and Kyoto be sufficient? How many days would be better for each place? And does the Shinkansen go to Kobe from Kyoto/vice versa (because i would prefer to spend the first few and last few days in Osaka with Kobe and Kyoto in between) my friend doesn't want to take day trips to Kobe and Kyoto and would rather stay for a night or two. Are there any recommendations of any nice hotels or traditional ryokan hotels there?

Thanks for your help!
by Amanda  

... 2008/2/17 07:44
It depends on your personal interests! If you are interested in history and temples, you should spend many days in Kyoto. If not, a single night can be enough.

What to see in Kyoto:

What to see in Kobe:
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What to see in Osaka? 2008/2/18 02:39
I'll be staying in New Osaka Hotel for 3 days and could anyone tell me what is the closest place to go for sight seeing and is it expensive to shop and what can you see in Osaka? Many thanks and I appreciate any suggestion on what places to visit in 3 days in Osaka.
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Osaka 2008/2/18 03:44
Hi Lynn

I will be visiting for the first time in May and one thing on my list is Osaka Castle its in the centre and close to a railway station and a metro stop, Another is a boat trip on the canals, There is one where you can go on an old Japanese sail ship.

Check this site out

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. 2008/2/18 03:58
Amanda: I would suggest that you go straight to Kyoto and spend 3 nights there. Then go back to Osaka for your final 5 nights. I see no point in going to Kobe for just one night, it is about 20-30 minutes away by train from Osaka. With just 8 days, it is illogical to move hotels 3 times. Also, if you were staying in the Umeda area, getting to and from Kobe (Sannomiya station) is best done by JR Limited Express than via shinkansen, it will be cheaper and quicker.

If you are flying into Kansai, get the JR Limited Express Haruka to Kyoto and return to Osaka via shinkansen. You may also want to consider a day trip to Nara from Osaka.

Lynn: Despite what the New Osaka Hotel's web site states, Shin Osaka is not the "Heart of Osaka". Compared with areas such as Umeda, Shinsaibashi, or Nanba, the area around Shin Osaka station is pretty boring. Having said that, there is a subway stop next to the hotel to get you the more interesting areas. As for the cost of shopping, it depends what you want to buy. Take the subway to Umeda (the Osaka JR station area) and you will find three big department stores along with a labyrinth of underground shops. Further south on the subway will get you to Shinsaibashi for another big shopping area with more department stores and acrade shopping.
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. . . . . 2008/2/18 04:05
Thanks Marsatmach !
I think the website is very much helpful. At least I know what places I want to go and I want to try their special foods too. Really appreciate your reply.

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. . . . . 2008/2/18 04:18
Thanks RobBeer for your reply. This will be my first to visit Osaka and I would like to enjoy these 3 days stay here. I appreciate your suggestion about taking subways to get to other interesting areas and shopping areas too. Thank you very much.
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ryokan in kyoto 2008/2/18 10:47
Thanks RobBeer, I will consider staying in Kyoto for the first 3 days. I'm presently trying to find ryokan in Kyoto, are there any that you (or anyone else reading this) can recommend with a good accessible location..shops and transport nearby? Thanks!
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