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Drving to mikasuki 2008/2/16 20:51
Has anyone been to a spa resort called Mikasuki ? I don't know its full (or even its proper) name in English but here's the link (I hope I'm allowed to post it here) http://www.mikazuki.co.jp/ryugu/access/index.html
To drive there from Tokyo (Minato-ku), is the best way to cross Tokyo bay via the Aqua-line and if so could someone please tell me what the toll would be ? What would be the toll if I drive along the Wangan expressway and then down the Tateyama expressway and would this way take a lot longer ?
Finally, is there an easier way to get to the resort than driving there ?
Let me just explain that we plan on renting a car anyway on our next trip and we have an extra day in Tokyo so I thought we could drive to this resort for some R&R before returning the car to Narita. Alternatively, we could return the car in Tokyo and find some other means of getting to this resort but then we would have to get to Narita somehow.
Thanks so much.
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Uji 2008/2/18 15:13
Do you have any info on this one or at least on the Tokyo Aqua-line toll ?
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