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Plan for 3 weeks in Japan with child 2008/2/16 23:42

We are a couple with a 2 years old child arriving to Japan on begining of April.
We plan to stay 1 week in Kyoto and the area, and one week or a bit less in Tokyo and the area.

Now we are trying to decide where to go to on the third week.
We thought doing Kyoto then Hiroshima then Takayam then Tokyo.
But since it will be too cold in Takayama, and it is a long drive, we are looking for an alternative.
Maybe Okinawa ? (instead of both Takayam, Hiroshima)

We are traveling with a 2 years old child, so we don't want to rush or to have very long drives.

Any suggestions ?

by Rona  

3 weeks 2008/2/17 08:05
Are you familiar with driving on the left side of the road? between the rental, the high price of gas, the freeway toll fees etc., it might make more sense to take the train for long distances and only rent a car for short trips. I am European born, living with a wonderful Japanese person, and when traveling to our respective birthplaces we take trains everywhere.
Okinawa is another ball game: need to take a plane etc. why not just go to Kyushu?
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3 weeks with a child 2008/2/17 14:25
We are not going to use a car at all..
Only by train and bus.
I'll check Kyushu. Anything specific there ?

And another question -
How is the weather in Takayama and Shirakawago at middle of April ?
Is it rainy ? very cold ? snowy..?

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3 weeks with child 2008/2/17 16:57
Besides November, April is considered the best time to visit Japan, .... November is one of the best times to visit Japan, as the weather is dry and mild, ...
for Kyushu:
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... 2008/2/17 17:30
Takayama in mid April:
Average daytime high temperature: 16 degrees
Average nighttime low temperature: 3 degrees
Percentage of sunny days: 57%
Percentage of rainy days: 39%
Percentage of days with considerable rain (more than 1 cm): 18%
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Kyushu 2008/2/18 09:10
I'm a japanese woman having children. I'd lived in Kyushu for 14 years. I love Kyushu. It's open and broad place compared with other areas in Japan. But without a car, places you can visit is slightly limited to only town. It really is a tough thing to travel with a child. Good luck!

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Thanks 2008/2/18 22:41
Thanks all,
We will stick to our original plan :
Kyoto - Hiroshima - Takayama area - Mt Fuji area - Tokyo area.
Just hope we can find accomodation in Takayama because of the festival..

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