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Moving to Japan 2008/2/18 10:28
Okay, so I have done a lot of homework, and still can't find the answer. More so the advice. I am in college right now, I have 1 year left until my bachelors degree is done. Now... the thing is, I have looked and I can actually start working as a teacher right now if I wanted because I have been a substitute teacher here for a little over 3 year total. It wouldn't affect my classes, because they're all online. So, I guess what I am wanting advice on is, Whether I should start talking to Language schools and move over now and finish my degree while I am there? Or should I just keep plugging away at it here and give myself the extra year to get up some more funds? Either way I will be paying rent, so I am kind of figuring why not pay them in Japan, which is where I ultimately want to be. Any assistance either way will be appreciated. Thanks!!
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. 2008/2/18 11:07
Chunk away and get your degree first.
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I agree 2008/2/18 12:54
Having a finished degree will open up your employment possibilities much wider. Many employers, particularly those who hire ALTs, will not look at you if you don't have a finished degree. As your teaching experience is not in Japan, some may consider it irrelevant.
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Thanks!! 2008/2/19 09:23
Thanks for reconfirming that!! I was leaning more towards staying here and moving to a smaller place and saving more money, but I just so want to go now. I guess another 12 months won't be too long of a wait. Plus I guess it will give me time to save money, and learn more of the language! I think that learning the language will help a lot too. So again thanks for the advice!!
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My Major 2008/2/20 09:23
My Major is in Business Administration in International Business. It's very close to accounting, as I am taking several accounting classes, but not quite.
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