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Eloping in Kyoto 2008/2/18 20:17
Hi There,

My Girlfriend and I are hoping to get married in Kyoto this April.
The thing is I have no idea who I can get to preform this ceremony or where, for that matter.
If anyone has any info they think might be of help i would be most greatful.

by Jessb  

. 2008/2/19 07:10
Is your girlfriend Japanese? or do both of you reside in Japan?
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Eloping in Kyoto 2008/2/19 08:11
Hi John,

We are actually both Australian and are going to Japan for a holiday,
We want to have a small ceromony but not sure how to organise this.

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... 2008/2/19 08:18
You are not wishing to get married legally in Japan, but just want a ceremony?

There is a thread from an American (an American couple) who got married (both the ceremony AND the legal procedures) in Japan.


If you want just the ceremony, you don't have to go through all the paperwork stuff, but I don't know what style of wedding you want - Shinto? Then you will need to find a Shinto shrine, with whom you need to discuss the date, procedures, cost, etc., etc.
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accommodation 2008/2/19 09:28
I hope you have booked your accommodation in Kyoto already? Early to mid-April is cherry blossom season and rooms would likely be fully booked already. Later April may not be so tight.
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Eloping in Kyoto 2008/2/19 09:37
Hi Sira,

Yes I have already booked accommodation.
One of the reasons we are going in April is for the Cherry Blossoms.
Does anyone know what sort of "google" search i should do to try and find someone to perform a Shinto ceromony?
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Hey, do you get married yet? 2008/9/21 07:14
Hi I stumbled across this thread and I was wondering about an update. Did you two have a ceremony in Kyoto?
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