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save from 3,60,000 Y/month in sapporo? 2008/2/19 13:11
how much money can i (single)save with 3,60,000 yen/month salary in Sapporo.
by kajuba  

savings 2008/2/20 00:04
if you are really really tight you could save half. but if you would to have a bit of a life, try saving around 1000,000
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let me try again 2008/2/20 00:07
360,000 per month is not bad. you could save half if you are very careful with your money. saving 100,000 per month would be very easy.
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title 2008/3/3 01:22
you can theoretically save half or even 2/3s if you are really frugal (live in a cheap rent place -- 6-man or less, minimal nightlife, make all your food, drink only water -- esp minimal alcohol, no snacks, minimal buying shit for your date, NO CAR)

but in reality, if you can save around 1/3, you'd be doing pretty good. I myself have saved around 40% of my earnings over the past 2 years, with an *insanely* wasteful lifestyle (except no car yet), and I'm not completely displeased. my salary isn't far off from yours

where are you at in Sapporo? should probably ask that first ..
in inaka, you can find 2LDK for 5-man, like me
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