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cheap hotel for family of 7 2008/2/19 16:21
Dear readers,
I am looking for a hotel in Kobe , near Sannomiya train station urgently. I wish to stay in a cheap hotel, as long as the hotel can allow us to stay 7 people in one room. My family consists of me and my husband , and 5 kids, range from 11 to 3 years old[ 11,10,8,6,3]. Most of the hotel that I ask, they want me to book for 2 rooms. I want to find a simple motel maybe, within 30 minutes to Sannomiya train station also is acceptable.If possible, the price per room, [not per person] is between 8,000 to 12,000 yen, the cheaper the better.
I want to stay from 26 March to 28 March.

Thank you very much
by Lina  

impossible 2008/2/20 00:02
you are not going to find a place that will let you have 7 people in the one room and you are not going to find anywhere for the price.
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hotel for 7 2008/2/20 06:59
Sannomiya is the heart of Kobe,with several department stores, lots of office buildings,restaurants and stores of every kind. Therefore there is nothing cheap there. Toyoko inn is nearby but they only have rooms for 2 max. even hostels-there are none around- don't have rooms for 7 unless you can get a dorm. must you stay in Kobe? there are cheap hostels in Osaka Minami, 40 minutes away by train + subway.
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hotel for 7 part 2 2008/2/20 07:16
did you look on Google? I could only find 3 hostels in Kobe.
Kobe Dears Backpacker House
4-2-1 Minami Uozaki Higashinada has good reviews. their biggest room is for 3 but I can't make out if the room is yen 3000 per person or for the room. I would guess it is per person or 9000 yen for 3 as this is a very good rate. You might be able to squeeze 7 in 2 rooms for 3 as you have young children. their dorms are for 4 people max. let's face it, there aren't too many hotels in first world countries that have cheap rooms for 7 people.
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Thanks for your valuable time 2008/2/20 08:29
I think it is still possible as I have stayed once in the centre of Osaka , at FUJIYA hotel which allowed us to stay 7 persons in one room, with rate only 12,000 yen. It is a studio room, but able to fit 3 single bed.As I am leaving Japan, and never been to Kobe yet , thats why I am heading for kobe now. Anyway, thanks a lot for the response, I really appreciate it.
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Kobe 2008/2/20 13:46
As you know a place in Osaka that meet your criteria, why not stay there? I stay in Kobe myself, whenever I visit the Kansai, simply because I like the city, but I go everyday from Kobe by train to Osaka, Kyoto etc. (I buy cheap tickets from the various discount tickets companies that are found near railway stations). You can see Kobe in one day. Kitano is an interesting neighbourhood, Mosaic in the port area is another.I also like the gardens 1/2 way up the mountain, accessible by the ropeway near Shin-Kobe station. Taking either the Portliner or the Rokko liner around their respective islands is a cute ride, especially for kids if they can find a seat right in front.
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