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Cheap grocery in Ginza or Roppongi? 2008/2/19 18:17
I came to Tokyo recently and about to move into an apartment in Ginza. Currently, I am working in Roppongi 1-Chome. If anyone knows any cheaper supermarket/grocery stores around either area, it will be really appreciated!!! My budget does not allow me to buy grocery in department stores! Thank you in advance.
by Angela  

Supermarkets 2008/2/20 08:15
A list of some supermarkets in the Roppongi area:


At least two of the stores listed are mainly, I believe, imported foods (Meidi-ya and National Azabu). I think the Daimaru Peacock supermarket might be your best bet, but a distance from Roppongi 1 chome.

As for Ginza, this is not really a "neighborhood" area. Take a look at this map:


If you zoom in to 100m you will see several icons of a shopping bag with an "S" on them. This is the symbol for a supermarket. Although I believe many of them might be department stores, it is certainly worth checking out.
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Hanamasa - nr Shinbashi 2008/2/20 09:46
For budget shopping, Hanamasa supermarkets are a good bet - lots of basics, and some surprisingly cheap imported foods you would pay luxury prices for elsewhere. The closest branch to you is in the Ginza 9 building near Shinbashi station. The address, and some other supermarkets, is on this page: http://www.housingjapan.net/tokyo_guide/directory/supermarke...
Only problem with Hanamasa is that they started out as wholesalers, and some products are still sold in packages/quantities too large for a single person.
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thank you!! 2008/2/20 10:53
Thank you for your prompt responses. I actually don't mind travelling to cheaper areas such as shinjuku or shibuya for grocery shopping. I figured with work, I wont have much chance to cook except probably on the weekends. So I probably only need to shop once a week. I am a big vege and fruit eater, not so keen on the meat, so cheap grocery with nice fresh produce will be really essential for me!

Any other suggestions for cheap grocery, even if it's about 15-20min travelling from Roppongi or Ginza? Thx!
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Komagome 2008/2/20 19:57
If your work is close to Roppongi-ichome, you could take the Namboku Line to Komagome, it is a 20 minute journey. At Komagome, take exit 5. Exit 5 can be seen at 1.55 min on this video:


At 4.55 min is the first supermarket, it has a lot of fruit and veg outside. Right after this, you take the first left along a pedestrian shopping street. At this point the video continues straight on, this video will take us along the shopping street:


At 1.08 min there is a good fruit and veg store on the left. At 5.20 min there is another supermarket. If you return to where you entered this pedestrian street and cross over the main road at the traffiic lights and continue walking southeast for about 250m, there is another supermarket on the right hand side. I will try to give you another area to check out with 24 hours.
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Thank you v much RobBeer 2008/2/21 12:44
I will definitely make a trip up there this weekend to check it out. Yeeppeee..
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Four More Areas 2008/2/21 19:24
If you are near to Shimbashi or Yurakucho JR stations, Oimachi is 11-13 minutes south on the Keihin-Tohoku Negishi Line. There is an Ito Yokado store across from the western side of the station (nearest exit: 1A).

Two stops south of Roppongi-Itchome station on the Namboku line is Shirokane-Takanawa station. Probably not cheap enough for you, but there is a Queen's Isedan supermarket at station exit 4 (lower level). There is also a Daimaru Peacock supermarket nearby. If you take exit 2 and walk east (away from the station) to the next crossroad, then cross at the lights to your right (south). Walk straight ahead and the supermarket is on your right.

At Nishi-Koyama there is a supermarket two blocks south of the station. It is on the Tokyu Meguro Line, which is a continuation of the Namboku Line. The fare is 280 Yen, 160 for the subway, 120 Yen for the Tokyu section.

Finally, there is a Tokyu supermarket right next to Gotanda JR station. 12-14 minutes from Shimbashi/Yurakucho JR stations. Take exit A3 and turn left. Walk straight ahead and cross via the footbridge, you can enter directly from the footbridge. Hopefully you will find something from these.

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. 2008/2/21 22:04
I second Tokyoite.

Luckily for you, despite moving to Ginza you have a Hanamasa close by at the border of Ginza and Shinbashi.

That supermarket is on average by far the cheapest I've seen in Tokyo, nothing else compares unless there's a discount item for sale at another super.

The quality of the food you get however isn't that flashy.
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i need some help 2008/10/16 12:38
i live in ota ku and is ther some1 who can guide me for the cheap grocery stores in this area,even some1 tlked about nishikoyama its also ok,but i dont know the name of the store n the location,can u guide
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