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Countryside around Tokyo 2008/2/19 18:31
Tokyo 23-ku
I am spending a few days in Tokyo including a week end. I know Tokyo pretty well, and I am now interested in visiting the countryside. I am an amateur landscape photographer and I would love to take pictures of sites that remind of the Japanese Zen spirit. I would very much appreciate if you could suggest places I should visit. Thank you.
by Giuseppe  

Kamakura 2008/2/19 21:30
Kamakura is near Tokyo and good access by train ( 1 hour ):
by Peter rate this post as useful

how about mountains 2008/2/19 22:44
I'm not sure what the Japanese Zen spirit is all about, but if you're seeking landscape, the mountains are a good place to visit. Depending on your location, Chichibu, Okutama, Fuji 5 lakes would be convenient. Very Higashiyama Kai.
by Uco rate this post as useful

Higashiyama Kai 2008/2/19 23:57
Nice reference, Uco!

He really 'got' mountains, didn't he? Perhaps you know there is a HK museum in Nagano.
by Tama rate this post as useful

Thanks 2008/2/20 00:54
Dear Petr Uco-san and Tama-san, thanks. I love takig pics of the lakes, so I will take the suggestion. I hope to take good photos. You can see my portfolio here.
I hope to post photos from the Japanese mountains soon.
by Giuseppe rate this post as useful

Sea of Japan 2008/2/20 11:30
Giuseppe, taking a look at your portfolio, I notice that you seem to like gloomy landscape.

Have you ever thought about visiting the Sea of Japan Side in winter? Access from Tokyo is not really that convenient, but a day trip is not impossible and certainly a two days trip will do.

If it's during the cold season, the minute your train gets into the Sea of Japan half of the nation, you will notice that the Pacific sunny sky has turned all gray. Even in summer, the different atmosphere of the sea compared to the Pacific may be worth a visit. Any part of the coast will do. And seafood is great!

Hey, maybe the city of Obama would be nice since the American election is coming up :) Click "LIVE" on the city's website to view Live-cam.
by Uco rate this post as useful

Countryside around Tokyo 2008/2/20 13:00
If by "zen spirit" you mean the wabi-sabi aesthetic, you are probably interested in old architecture, gardens and temples. Kamakura is known for it's zen temples, by the way. Nikko is an old world heritage site, and is in a more mountainous and secluded area. Sawara is a nice historic town near Narita.
by Inago rate this post as useful

. 2008/2/20 13:09
I know a lot of people who say they know Tokyo pretty well but never been out to Western Tokyo.

Just curious if you've been up Mt. Takao or Mt. Mitake both in Tokyo. It is a stark contrast to the concrete jungle of Central Tokyo.
by John rate this post as useful

Thanks 2008/2/20 17:25
Dear all, Thanks. I regret that I can only do two day-trips this time, since I have a commitment on Sat for dinner. My interest into the Zen spirit imagery is certainly better described by the Wabi-Sabi esthetics. So the suggestions get right to the point. West Tokyo is on my list now (thanks for the tip). Definitely I have to plan another trip to Tokyo soon.
by Giuseppe rate this post as useful

Evidence of the trip... 2008/2/24 17:51
Dear all,
thanks to your advices, I spent a very nice day in Kamakura.
I tooke quite a few photos and edited some of them. You can see them on my flickr page. If you like them a little, take them as my way to thank you for the advice.
by giuseppe rate this post as useful

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