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End of June to Mid July trip ideas 2008/2/19 21:06
Myself and two friends will be heading to Japan from about the 26th of June until mid July. We could be looking at anywhere from 15-20 days depending on my questions below. I'll give you some background before I list my main couple of questions.

We are first planning on heaing to Tokyo from Melbourne, Australia and hoping to catch a cheap domestic flight to Sapporo. We will then be using trains to take us to Tokyo, hanoke, mt fuji, osaka and swing by Kyoto in the following two weeks or so.

We are planning on getting the JR Rail pass as it will be good value for the distance travelled. My first question is does the pass activate when u first pick it up or can u choose? As we will be starting in Sapporo and there for 2 or 3 days it would be handy if we could start it on our trip to tokyo. That way a two week pass would cover us well for the trip.

My second question is where else could anyone recommend to stop by for a day or two? We are three guys who are 21 and will mainly enjoy the odd tourist attraction. We will be heading out a fair bit at night and I will be trying to see a couple j-league matches also. I visited Kyoto, Nagoya and the small town of Gamagori in 2001 with a school trip so the whole temple thing doesn't excite as it once did.

Any ideas to mix into the trip would be appreciated.
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Steve 2008/2/20 14:53
Yes to your first question. Take your rail pass vouchers to Sapporo station and exchange them for the actual pass and start the date when you want.
You'll be close to Noboribetsu if you like hot springs. It's an hour by train from Sapporo.
Here's some info:
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