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Tokyo side trips 2008/2/20 07:40
Tokyo 23-ku

I will be in Tokyo from mid to late March. We are looking for side trips, either day or overnighters from Tokyo. We are interested in countryside, scenic spots and rural areas.

Any suggestions?

by loveJapan  

. 2008/2/20 17:09
Scroll down to "side trips from Tokyo".
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... 2008/2/20 17:41
Kamakura is a great side trip, there is the second largest buddha in Japan set in a very tranquil garden. Definatly worth going to see.
Enoshima is another great side trip, we actually did this and Kamakura on the same day. Enoshima is a small island, I think it's by Fujisawa. There are some interestign caves on the island. There are also many shrines on the island to visit. If you like seafood they are famous for their fresh seafood that you can buy all along the beach.

Hope that helps
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thanks 2008/2/21 01:10

I am checking out the side trips link on this website. This site is the BEST.

Have been to Kamakura/Enoshima, loved it.

The side trips don't have to have any significant interest, example-temples, etc. Just want to see rural/small town life.

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