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Japanese nightlife tours? 2008/2/20 11:18
Tokyo 23-ku
Hello, I've been reading the posts that Shibuya is the hot spot for the nightlife.

But I was wondering if there are any tours that offer nightlife activities (clubbing, lounges, shopping, eating). I read that Kamikaze Tours offers such tours but I would like to know if anyone went with them before? They do not include approx. prices either. Comments, reviews would be greatly appreciated!

Our age group is 21+ all from Canada, and there's also my guyfriend who wants to see the video games and all that geeky stuff!

Thank you for your input! :)
by Emilie  

. 2008/2/21 00:11
Why donLt you go on your own? Just read a little bit on Japanese nightlife and then take a list of some places you can go to, like a Karaoke, some Izakaya and investigate for Clubs on Shibuya attending to your music likes. ItLs no so hard and I think one of the charms of Shibuya nighlife is getting lost in some local place!!
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Fear of unknown 2008/2/21 03:21
Thanks for your reply! :D

Yah, I suggested to my friends that we all go together without a tour but a few of them are paranoid and don't like getting ''lost''. Especially since it will be our first time in Japan, none of them speak Japanese either so they want to make sure they get to visit the best clubs (if we can even get into them!) and have everything planned for them (driving us around etc.) No fuss with planning.

Maybe our 2nd trip to Japan, we'll go on our own :D
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Night life 2008/2/21 05:22
try to find on the internet the following clubs (from an article in Kateigaho international,issue 18-this is a big glossy arts and culture mag.)or ask your hotel.
Air, Arty farty in Shibuya-ku
Heavy sick zero in Nakano-ku
La Fabrique, Loop, Liquidroom, Soft in Shibuya-ku
Warehouse, Le Baron de Paris in Minato-Ku
if you check these areas during the day you can get your bearings at night. yes You can get lost in Japan but no more no less than in Paris, Berlin etc.and any place where you don't speak the language and have never been.
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