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Conditions for getting a COE ? 2008/2/20 11:41
Hi all!
I am wondering what are the conditions for getting a COE? I read that some people that posted on this forum couldn't get COE. Some wait for 3 months for it to come. While some just 1 1/2 month. What are the reasons for not being able to get a COE and what are its requirements?

Thanks people!
by Jason  

Varies with type of visa? 2008/2/20 22:59
I recently got a COE for a three year intra-company transferee visa. The application only took three weeks.

Perhaps it varies depending on the kind of visa that you're looking for?
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COE 2008/2/20 23:33
Might be a stupid question but what is a COE?
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COE 2008/2/21 00:15
COE - Certificate of Eligibility

hmm... All I know is that, it is a working visa. It was suppose to be a training visa, but because training visas seems like its hard to get, so the company arrange to have me( a group of us actually) get a working visa. Pros and Cons to it... but supposely, its easier to get a working visa than a training visa? I'm actually not sure. But its something that was pre-arrange when I got to it.

Anyone have more experiences with it?
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... 2008/2/21 07:21
As mentioned above, the required documents vary drastically depending on what kind of visa you are applying for. The time it takes to process the application is typically between 3 weeks and 3 months, depending on how busy the immigration bureau is and how complicated the application is.
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