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Few questions about my travel 2008/2/20 12:39

At the moment i'm 17 years old, 18 in May. After high school here (Scotland, UK), it's common for students to go to another country or do something for a year before they go to university, and I've chosen to go to Japan for that year, in August - I have started to work hard in learning the language.

I have done quite a bit of research, but there is some things I still need to check up on.

First of all, I was thinking of doing a homestay while i'm there as well as living by myself in an apartment (6 months for each?). Now swaying more towards staying by myself in an apartment for the year, mainly because I've found it quite hard to find any homestay websites that give enough information - does anybody know any good websites?

Second of all, I've read a bit about bank accounts, but I'm not completely sure about how to go about it. I do want to work there, so, a few questions I have about it.. would I be able to set up a bank account easily in Japan and should I do it as soon as I arrive there? How easy is it to do so?

Another question I have is about working in Japan. I've not heard any cases about people around my age working in there, so I do not know what types of jobs would be 'available' to me. I wanted to teach English, but I'm guessing I will be too young(?). What types of jobs do you think I would have a good chance of getting there? (not incuding working in retail shops or restaurants). I am aware I will be heavily restricted because of my age, but I am determined to get a job with relatively good pay for my living costs.

Finally, is there anything else that I should 'sort out' here except a visa, before I come to Japan?

Any help greatly appreciated :)
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Consequences 2008/2/20 21:10
Hey mate, try making up some guidelines like where you want to stay and what you want to do and how much money you can live off, its effin important that you have everything sorted out before you make a huge step like moving to another country that is pretty diffrent from your own :)
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one year in Japan? 2008/2/20 22:48
As UK citizen you can stay in Japan for 6 month without a visa and as a tourist only. This means you cannot work and you will need sufficient financial funds bringing in from home. As UK and your age you can apply for a Working Holiday Visa. Check with the Embassy of Japan in UK.

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. 2008/2/21 08:12
Thanks for the replies so far :)

As for where I want to stay, I want to go to Tokyo. I do know that this it won't be cheap at all, but I do believe that it will be the best option for me (especially in getting a job). I definately want to stay in an apartment, and have been looking on the gaijin-pot website for apartments there. Still no luck with any homestay websites though.

As for what I want to do, I would like to spend the first few weeks just getting to know the place. A big part in going to Japan for me is to learn the language well, so this is definately a priority for me. If I done a homestay it would obviously be the biggest help, but if I eventually decide to just stay in an apartment, I could think about going to a language school.

I do want to work also. As I said, I wanted to teach English, although I know I will be held back a lot because of my age (although it won't stop me trying) :). I would like to ask again what other jobs do you think would be best available to me?

As for how much money I can live off.. if I do have any problems, I can get money from my parents here, there will be no problems with that - but it's not what I want to happen. Another big thing that this trip will teach me is how to live by myself, and I want to live as independently as possible without handouts from my parents.

As for the visa, I will be applying for a working holiday visa :)


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!8 years old in Japan 2008/2/21 08:48
Recently I came across the blog of an 18-year old British guy who is on a gap year in Japan- he seems to be finding English teaching work ok in spite of his age, although you can see if you read his blog that it is an issue. Here's the address- have a look at it and maybe ask him some questions directly.

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blog 2008/2/25 09:08
Thanks very much :)

I looked at that blog and it was interesting :) Havn't found a way yet that I can contact him though - havn't found his email address or a way to contact him.

Thanks again
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