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watching JSTV in the UK possible? 2008/2/20 19:15
I have heard it's possible to recieve JSTV (or any other Japanese channels if possible) via my SKY digital connection in the UK. I have flicked through the hundreds of channels available, but there's no JSTV channel. I'm guessing it's encrypted, and I'll have to pay for it, which is fine, but even the encrypted channels have a 'channel number' allocated if that makes sense? They usually just have the message "to view this channel, phone blah, blah etc" Has anyone got JSTV in the UK, and if so, is it worth getting it, and how much does it cost please?

Many thanks
by furan  

JSTV UK 2008/2/21 03:55
JSTV is broadcasting via the HotBird 6 satellite at orbital position 13.E and on NTL cable if you are living in Westminster or Milton Keynes. I believe that this is a different satellite from the one used by SKY.

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aw, 2008/2/21 19:11
aw, that's a shame, it would be lovely to have a Japanese channel at home. There are so many other foreign tv stations, it seems so unfair that I can't pick up a Japanese one :(

Thanks for your help tho.
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