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is kochi place easy to get a job there? 2008/2/20 22:21
my family are planning to move in kochi pref.by month of april.what i want to confirm is that place are easy to get a job even just a part time job in the store?
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Part-time jobs 2008/2/21 08:13

I've never been to Kochi, but I'm sure it's no different from other regions in Japan. Getting a part-time job should be no problem if you are Japanese or have near-native Japanese language ability and a visa that allows you to work without sponsorship. If not, your options will be more severely limited.
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The pace . . . 2008/2/21 08:34
. . . of life in Kochi is a bit laid back. It's the same way with southwest Shikoku area in general. I call it rural urban. The economy is not quite what you'd find in the major cities like Nagoya or Osaka. So yes, there won't be as many jobs.

It's not as bad as Gifu City (I hear) or where I just visited last weekend: Sakata. I saw many closed shops during weekdays, in things like shopping promenades.

English is quite prevalent compared to other areas in Japan and weather is warm. Little known fact is Kochi is the wettest area in Japan. I believed it when I saw moss growing on the walls of Kochi Castle . . .

Best tangerines in Japan; I never ate one that wasn't sweet. Also the katsuo is no doubt the best in Japan.

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