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where can i buy...? 2008/2/21 22:02
Hi guys, I have a few shopping questions.

1) The last time i went to Japan, i mainly shopped in the major department stores (e.g. daimaru, OIOI, Sogo etc.). Although i found a lot of nice things, all of the department stores seemed to have the same brands and same type of clothing. This time, i'd like to shop in non-department stores and explore other types of fashion that Japan has to offer. I'll be visiting Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo. Can you please direct me to places with good shopping?

2) Do you know of any places where I can buy Stila cosmetics?

3) I'm also looking for a nice leather jacket. Does anyone know of any places that sell them?

Thanks so much!
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shopping 2008/2/25 06:15
in Osaka you have 2 major choices: Kita and Minami (get a map from your hotel). in Kita there is a huge underground mall--I mean huge--with all sorts of stores. It is the Hankyu san ban gai, linked to the Diamor and Whity malls. In Namba there is the Shinshaibashi (spelling?) pedestrian arcade (covered street) that goes on for blocks and blocks) also with tons of stores. America mura and Orange street are also interesting, along with the huge arcade (2.6 km long!) at Tenma, a few stops on the loop line from the Osaka castle. You can google all these places for more info.
In Kyoto there are also 2 parallel arcades starting at shijo-dori, not far from department stores and of course there is an underground mall by the JR Kyoto station.
in Tokyo the pedestrian lanes of Ameyokocho in Ueno (under the elevate railway tracks) have cheap stuff. Omotesando-Aoyama in Harajuku have fancy extravagant stuff. it all depends what you are looking for. In my case years of vacations around the world have shown me that stay-at- home friends and relatives aren't interested at all in 'typical' gifts from this or that country so I only buy T-shirts, scarves etc. I do a lot of window shopping as stores are obviously a great way of understanding the local culture.
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