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J-pop music with Okinawa taste 2008/2/22 01:49
I want to buy album of J-pop/rock with strong musical taste of Okinawa (not the real folksong though). Being not so familiar with J-music, can anybody please suggest which album or which group to start? I'd like for a beginning listen to catchy, easy listening, but has strong taste of the Okinawan sound (katcharsee??). Thanks for any help!
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... 2008/2/25 11:00
"Begin" is a really popular Okinawan group around this office. Check out the song "三線の花". They may be too folksy for what you're looking for but the Okinawan sound seems folksy almost by definition.

Other groups that I'm aware of are from Okinawa without a folksy sound would be "Orange Range" or "Mongol 800" but I don't really hear any Okinawan influence in their music.
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thank you 2008/2/25 23:14
Thanks yllwsmrf! I've been waiting for an answer. I'll check their album and songs.
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... 2008/3/14 13:14
Just found this blog on Okinawan Pop Culture:


Looks good for some more ideas.
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. 2008/3/17 08:05
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Cocco 2008/3/19 14:07
I think Cocco is from Okinawa, and I heard her newest song are for the Dewgong and have some of folksong from Okinawa
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