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Few question 2008/2/22 05:17
Im just wodnering,
A)how much would it cost for a room rent enough fit for a student with basic facilities
B)how much is the average salary for an electronic engineer ( average )

Thanks alot in advance for replying and answering my questions, i have to make a decision urgently. Have a great day and thanks again :)
by Noveus  

Where? 2008/2/22 08:07
Where in Japan? That makes a big difference- Tokyo of course is a lot more expensive than Tochigi for example.
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Tokyo area 2008/2/22 15:43
Um, alright lets make it Tokyo then.
Do you know how much is the salaries?
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Bump! 2008/2/23 05:25
Can someone reply me please.
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how about like this one? 2008/2/23 05:46
i think its good for foregin people.
but i didnt use like that.

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... 2008/2/23 12:16
I think since no-one has replied, you can assume that no-one here actually knows the average salary of an electronic engineer. People working in IT in Japan tend to get anything from 280,000 yen a month to 1,000,000 a month or more depending on their skills and experience.

As for the cost of living, this has been discussed many times here- scroll down the living section and check out the answers to similar questions.
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thanks 2008/2/23 15:33
alright thanks a lot. I'll try to do more research myself. thanks again =)
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