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TVs 2008/2/22 08:28

Can someone tell me what the cable standards are for japanese televisions (the cheap kind found in hostels and hotels)?

Do they use the standard RCA cables that televisions in the US use, do they have s-video, or some other kind of cable?

I want to hook my laptop up to the tv in my room at a gaijin house (i'll be there next month) and play movies i have saved on the tv.

If they take something different and you're not sure what, could someone possibly link me to a picture of the connection port and I'll figure it out.

Thanks in advance.
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... 2008/2/25 11:59
All the hotel tv's I've encountered in Japan use the same coaxial cable connectors common in the US for Cable TV. Much less common were RCA inputs. The problems I've had connecting my laptop to hotel tv's is that it only outputs in S-video which requires a powered adapter to convert to RCA which the tv may or may not have an input for. The adapter is too large so I just watch from my laptop. Also, the tv size vs my screen size isn't significant enough to go through the trouble.

What does your laptop output?
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