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Shiatsu 2008/2/22 20:43
Hi everybody, I need your help a little.
Now in my country I am studying the school of Shiatsu. This school takes 3 years a when I finish I will get a certification...I would like to ask you if I could get a working visa for shiatsu in Japan?? Is it certification valid in Japan too?? Thank you
by anna  

coals to Newcastle 2008/2/25 13:57
Japan being the home of shiatsu, there are many thousands of Japanese people practicing that profession here. To get a visa to practice shiatsu here you would need to be employed by a shiatsu clinic in Japan and sponsored by them. Realistically most clinics would employ a Japanese national over a foreigner.

Going to Japan to find a job doing shiatsu is kind of like going to Hawaii to teach hula- it's a native art and there is a large supply of practitioners already, no need to import them.
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