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Best 100yen shop accessible by JR 2008/2/24 16:32
I know that Daiso Giga Machida is supposedly the biggest of the Daiso 100yen shops. However, it is not accessible by JR. I prefer to go by JR since I have JR Pass. I know that the Harajuku branch is right in town. But how about the Giga Funabashi Store and the
Tokyo Arcakit Kinshicho Store? Both of the latter 2 are further away but accessible by JR so ok with me, but is any of them worth the journey in comparison to the Harajuku branch? Which, aside from the Daiso Giga Machida is the better one?
by Mel  

Funabashi 2008/2/26 02:11
The Giga Funabashi location is the same size as Giga Machida.

The Kinshicho store is half the size of Giga Machida, but over three times the size of Harajuku.
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. 2008/2/26 11:43
So I guess it is best to go to the Giga Funabashi location as it is BIG. But it is a bit further walk from the JR station (5minutes) right? While the Kinshicho store is right in front of the station. You would probably say what is 5 minutes walk, right??? But believe me.. I ended up with a huge box the last time I went to a Daiso store a couple of years ago! And that was only from the Daiso at the Aeon Narita Shopping Center! If you know that Aeon store, can you please tell me how does it compare in size to the 3 we've discussed? So at least I know what to expect.
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. 2008/2/26 21:53
The Giga stores are about 8 times the size of the Narita location. And the walk at Funabashi is probably only going to be an extra couple of mintutes over Narita, not 5 minutes.
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The 100 yen . . . 2008/2/28 08:00
. . . store at Machida isn't that far a walk from the station, about 5'. Machida Eki is a JR station for sure, since it's on the Yokohama Line.
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... 2008/2/28 08:05
As pointed out by Clevor, you can reach Machida by JR Yokohama Line, but it is a detour over taking direct Odakyu trains:
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