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Spouse Visa for a Mexican 2008/2/25 02:34
Hello, my situation is the following.
I have been coming and going to Japan several times for vacations in the past years. I met a Japanese men and he proposed to me (gave me a ring leaving me speechless!) but I had to go back to Mexico telling him that I didn't have enough money to go back to Japan until next year, besides I have my family, friends and work here and I needed time to fix everything before moving. It was really hard at first because I didn't want to leave him but he obviously wanted to marry me because he paid me the ticket to go to Japan on December so we could get married in Japan.

Anyway, we got married and I came back to Mexico to continue my work, but it has been a torture! Ever since I met him I'm moody, anguish, desperate, lonely and every unpleasant feeling you can think of, and even when he said he wants me to go earlier there are many things that stop me to go in the next plane to Japan (I already have the resources to go)

First, is the question of the spouse visa. I don't want to go to Japan and stay there illegaly (having problems with that kind of situation is the worst thing that could happen to me), because you can easily get married if you have all the paperwork done, but it's more difficult and take a longer period of time to get the spouse visa.

At work they said that I can stop working before middle March or starting May, or that I could just finish my contracr until starting July, I too don't want to leave work just like that (which I loved but lately has become a pain, besides ppl at work and even my boss had been really kind to me so I don't mean to be rude to them just leaving).

In any case, my husband wants
me to go to Japan earlier. But
being the old fashioned Japanese salary man
he is, he won't tell me "COME NOW!!", he will just say to me "I wish you'd come earlier".
I was planning on popping in Japan and give him a surprise on March, but when I start thinking about the visa thing I'm afraid I stop thinking seeing him earlier.

Do you think is really such a problem? Could I get the visa in Japan? what's the average time needed to get the visa? I can stay there as a tourist just for 90 days, but if they don't give me the visa and return to Mexico I will have no work waiting for me (and I don't want him to spend more money like that, he works hard for it after all)

Another question is, do you think if I pop up he'll be angry at me? he's not moody or has a bad temper (or shows his emotions freely), he's really... how should I say it... "quiet and calm", but he says he's busy and he wants to give me all of his time. But Japanese are always busy, aren't they?

Thank you, I'll be waiting for any advice.
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Spouse visa- not difficult 2008/2/25 13:44
Of course you can get a spouse visa in Japan, anyone married to a Japanese can, it doesn't matter what your nationality is. You can start by going to the Japanese Embassy in Mexico City, or if you prefer to wait until you get to Japan, you can easily complete the process in 90 days. You will have to get together a few documents and then go to Immigration and apply.

It is a straightforward process and not at all stressful, so don't worry so much about it and don't even consider overstaying a tourist visa- why do that when you can easily get a spouse visa and therefore permission to stay in Japan indefinitely? You just need to change the way you are thinking about he difficulties of getting a spouse visa.

It's not difficult at all. Just apply, and wait, then pick up your visa. Easy as that.
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simple 2008/2/26 10:33
Well, actually I contacted the Japanese consulate in Mexico city and they told me exactly what I needed, and that getting it is free of charge for Mexican citizens, and since I live not very near to Mexico City I could get it in a day if I go with all the papers ready. (They are so kind they even sent me the mimoto hosho-sho template for him to fill it out in Japanese)

I will wait here until I get my visa.

Thanx for the advice Sira.
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