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Music scores shop in tokyo? 2008/2/25 08:55
Anyone know good adresses of musical shops which sells music scores in Tokyo?
by hide95  

gakkiten 2008/2/26 15:42
Musical instrument stores (gakkiten) usually has a good selection of them. It might help other posters if you can clarify what type of scores you're looking for, such as genre. Meanwhile, here's a quick Japanese list of instrument stores.
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Precisions about my request 2008/2/26 18:10
Indeed sorry for my lack of accuracy. Actually I'm looking for musical scores about rock music, specially Radiohead.
And in Jrock, I look for hide and xjapan scores.

I research the band scores, that means the ones with the all instruments parts, guitar, piano, drums, guitar bass...

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I've been into 2008/2/26 21:30
Yamaha music store in ginza as I recall has it own floor section for music scores. Finding the one you searching might be intimidating as most of the book covers is in japanese ^^ But you'll be rewarded with great feeling when you found it ! good luck.
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Try Ochanomizu 2008/2/27 07:26
ThereLre lots (I mean LOTS) of guitar and other instrument shops in Ochanomizu; so I believe youLll be able to find something there.
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Ochanomizu = Eden for guitar buyer 2008/2/27 07:40
Yep I buy my first guitar there the last time I've been in Japan. But I was so much concentrated on choosing the guitar, I didn't think about buying scores and finding out music scores shops.
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