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what to do to get train passes 2008/2/25 12:19
Me and my daughter will be travling to Japan April 10th to the 25th. We need to get from the airport to Wsawia, or the train station before Wsawia, can't remember the name. We stay over night then are to get the train. How do I go about getting the tickets for the train before we get there, or can we? This is confusing, so if their anyone that can tell me how to go about this I would greatly appricate it. Thanks, so much

Sheila also can e-mail me at (swooten@utah.gov)
by Sheila Wooten  

. 2008/2/25 12:51
I can't find any place in Japan named Wsawia?

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What to do to get train passes 2008/2/25 13:20
Using http://www.hyperdia.com I was not able to find Wsawia. The name or the spelling of the Town does not appear to be correct. Please double check and post the correct name and spelling. What is the name of the nearby major City? What airport will you be arriving at? Narita or Kansai International?

If you post a brief itinerary of the Cities you'll be visiting by dates, someone will suggest what Rail Pass you should get. You should also note your arriving airport and your departure airport.

For the 7-day or 14-day JR Rail Pass, you need to purchase the Exchange Voucher outside of Japan and exchange the Voucher for your pass upon arrival in Japan at the JR Service Center at the airport or at major JR Train Stations. You can buy the Exhange Voucher from JTB or any travel agency dealing with Japan Travel near you.

You said, "We stay over night then are to get the train." Staying overnight in "Wsawia" and get to the train to go where? This is not clear.

Anyway, if you provide us with more specific information, someone will surely assist you.
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... 2008/2/27 13:16
I am afraid "Wsawia" does not sound even remotely Japanese.
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Check place name 2008/2/27 13:27
You definitely need to check that place name. It is not even possible to write "Wsawia" in Japanese and I can't think of any place name that looks anything like it.
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