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Electrical fuse sizing in Japan? 2008/2/25 19:47
Hi all,

I intend to plug in a high power kitchen applicance in Japan.

Does anybody know about the maximum amperage/wattage at a standard Japanese residence wall outlet?
What is the usual fusage - e.g. 20 amps?

Many thanks and regards.
by Electrician  

Fuses 2008/2/26 10:16

Just had a look at our circuit-breaker board, and it is 20 amps per room/circuit and 40 amps total, which I think is fairly typical. More expensive modern homes might have a higher rating if they have a IH cooker in the kitchen.
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electrics 2008/2/26 10:30
In our relatively new but small apartment we have the same setup as Dave in Saitama describes- 20 A for each circuit, 40 maximum. Often in winter when we have the heater running, plus lights and two computers, if we start the toaster or electric jug running it will blow the whole circuit and we have to go and switch the whole thing back on.
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