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Questions about nightlife and clubs? 2008/2/26 13:51
Tokyo 23-ku
This summer will be my second visit to Nihon, and this time I plan on visiting (and staying for a night or two) in Tokyo. I'm only 19 (I know you have to be 20), and last summer when I was there, I was able to buy alcohol and adult items without being carded. Now I don't want a lecture on what I'm doing is wrong or anything, I'd like some answers and advice. :p
What I'd like to know is:
Do clubs card you? I hear about some people being carded and some not... Maybe because I'm foreign and know hardly any Nihongo, I could get away with it?
And I've been looking at some of the popular clubs in Tokyo on the internet, but I still don't know which is best.
I'd like to go to one with a lot of dancing, not extremely expensive (5,000en max), and hopefully with lots of women.

I liked the way these two look best:

Thank you very much in advance
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... 2008/2/26 15:28
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thank you for the 2008/2/27 08:59
response, but I meant to say I'll be in Nagoya, not Tokyo.
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... 2008/2/27 10:19
With regard to the laws, they are countrywide.

This thread has links to club listings:
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Maybe 2008/2/27 23:33
Japan is pretty lax when it comes to alcohol and things like that. If your at a convenience store or supermarket, they will never ask for your i.d.

Some of the clubs in Tokyo card people when they enter, and a lot of the staff at these clubs are either foreign or speak english because so many foreigners visit these places.

You said your gonna be in Nagoya but you were interested in visiting Club Pure and Atom? Both of those places are in Tokyo, Shibuya to be more exact... but i think they have a club pure near Yokohama, but i could be wrong.

I dodn't know about the clubs in Nagoya though, good luck
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