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4/u or room 806 Tel No 2008/2/26 22:28
Hi there,

I have been searching for the number for the hair salons room 806 or 4/u for the past few weeks with no avail. Can any one help at all, in desperate need of a wash and blow dry!! :-)
by Steph  

... 2008/2/27 10:54
Room806 Hair Salon
4/U Total Beauty Care Salon 03-3440-2577
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Thank you Jlady 2008/2/27 12:56
Thanks for the number, much appreciated!!
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hellp 2008/3/26 20:05
by any chance does room 806 have a website ive been looking for it but i cant find it!
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?! 2008/3/29 13:55
I've been wondering about that, too; what's going on with the website--it's gone!
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Website 2008/3/29 16:43
Not sure whats going on with the website either, it used to be rom806.com, im pretty close to the owner Ill give him a ring and aks whats up.
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Room 806 and the New Sanno Hotel 2008/4/14 22:55
i have been trying to find out what happened to China, his really good stylist. I used to go to her all the time, then last I heard he lost the contract with the New Sanno hotel and they got new staff...anyone know whats up with that?
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China 2008/4/15 04:04
China is at Hayato Ny now in Omote Sando
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Relaxers 2008/4/17 17:10
I was wondering if they do pretty good relaxers at this salon. I need one pretty soon.
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website 2008/5/9 23:02
Hey guys, I recently went to Room 806 and asked about the website. They are in the process of updating it because they lost a shop. So while they are doing that, they took it down. I personally think they could have kept up a price list or something because I want to get a perm, but have no idea how much itll cost as last time I went for braids.
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directions? 2008/6/24 21:12
I used to have a map for Room 806 but I can't find it; would anyone happen to know where I could find one?
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thanks but another question? 2008/6/25 00:15
thanks for posting the reply to where China was! She was my fav person at the salon, but I hadn't been there in a while...anyways what happened there? BTW do you know the number there to the Hayato Salon?
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Tel. 2008/6/25 10:46
Does anyone know the new tel. no for roppongi
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Room806 2008/7/12 16:29
They renewal web page.
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sow ins 2008/9/17 18:17
do they do sow ins/extensions at room 806?
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