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what is sake called with a snake in it 2004/4/10 09:58
i was in japan and had some of this sake and now wish to have some here, but i cant find it anywhere even on the net, can you help me
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Habu Sake? 2004/4/10 17:36
I believe that in Okinawa there is a speciality liquor where they put the local habu snake into sake. So, I guess it would be called Habu Sake.
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mamushi 2004/4/10 18:58
my uncle, living in Niigata Prefecture, is farmer.
when I went to see him, he often showed me "Mamushi Zake" to scare me. Many locals believe that it is very good for your health to drink or eat it... Mamushi is a common poisonous viper here.

I don't think that the snake liquor is unique to Japanese culture, for you can see it in other Asian nations.
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what is sake called with a snake in it 2004/7/3 05:28
The sake with the snake in it is called Habushu or Habu Sake.

I had trouble finding a bottle in Yokohama, let alone the United States or online. I have been looking for Habu Sake online for over two years, so any help you could offer would be appreciated.

I have only seen this sold in
Okinawa, Tokyo, Osaka, and Yokosuka. In Tokyo a bottle sold for around 20,000 Yen...

I currently live in Sonoma County (Wine Country near Napa) and I am in the process of launching a wine e-commerce website specializing in special reserve list wines. I want to be able to sell Habu Sake on this site because it is very difficult to find and would bring attention to the site.
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I just found Habu Sake for sale online! 2004/7/3 05:32
Go to the following site:


They sell Habu Sake for USD$105 a bottle, USD$160 with shipping and handling.
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it is same 2004/8/28 00:40
habu and mamushi means same.
it depends on arera, absolutely poisonos snakes. also japanese put gecko into sake, they have poison too.
they say it is good for men, i never know.
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Mamushi 2004/9/1 09:46
Habu and Mamushi does not mean the same!! Habu and Mamushi is totally different type of snakes. They are both poisonous snakes of course but they are two different kinds. In relation to sake they have habu sake and mamushi sake. They are both good to men as it has close effects of viagra so they say.
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in okinawa 2004/9/21 15:49
i live in japan, actually in Okinawa with my parents in the us military it is called snake sake. it usually sold with out the snake sold to the Japanese public drank like any other spirit. it is usually only sold with snake for united states or main land Japanese (as i said before i live i Okinawa a island 200 miles south of the japan main land it is the largest of the ryuku)who are tourist. Okinawa is the main maker. the sake is fermented with it for up to 3 year but usually only six months. also Okinawa is like a "Hawaii" to mainland japan.
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Ok ok ok ... 2004/10/29 12:09
I currently live in Yokohama. Habu Sake is found in some of the more seedy bars, and can easily be found in Honcho-Yokosuka. You are supposed to take out the snake, if you leave it in too long, the antivenom will be absorpbed out of the snake and negate the "Viagra-like" effects of the venom. Which actually suck bad. Although you get a stiff one for a while, you have a horrendous headache and are so wasted that you can't barely feel any muscles. eek. It reminds me of Absinthe.
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habu sake 2004/11/8 02:52
habu sake came from china and mainland asia. When i first arrived in japan, it was a tradition to take the new guy out to the bar for a shot of what we called "snake juice" or habu sake. I researched this and found that most of it is imported from china. if you are looking to buy it, try looking for chinese vendors instead of japanese.
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here goes nothin 2005/10/7 15:30
i bought a bottle of habu sake on a recent trip to okinawa. it was about 80 american dollars. i want to drink it but i have heard different things. i heard you are supposed to take thible sized shots and i heard it has viagra like effects. can anyone tell me a little more about it before i embark on this great journey of drunkeness.
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Habu Sake 2005/10/9 06:01
Does anyone know where I can buy Habu Sake in Fukuoka, Kagoshima or Kyoto/Osake?
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I have a bottle in the US 2005/10/17 02:30
I was in Okinawa in June of 97 with the Marines and while there toured the factory where they made the Habu Sake and the bottle that I purchased there I got to see made. It has two baby Habu snakes in it which made it 20 times more potent than a normal bottle of habu sake. The lady told me in no uncertain terms that it would kill me if I drank more than two thimble sized shots in a night. Obviously I never planned on drinking it and I was able to get it by the military customs by trying my luck. I had been told that you can't bring habu sake into the states, but after reading some of these messages I guess I might have had the wrong info. Does anyone know for sure?? I was about to sell the bottle in a rare wine auction due to the fact that it can't be drank. Any Tips????
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Habu Sake for Energy 2005/10/27 07:21
A while back, I researched if Habu Sake could be brought into the U.S. You can only bring in Habu Sake with snakes that are not on the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture's list of endangered species. For sure, the snake in the Okinawan habu sake I bought can be brought into the U.S. (same as the one on the gyokusendo website listed above).

I was told that I should take a small "sip" of the sake each day for energy...Don't know about the Viagra effect, as I am a woman. Anyway, the sake really gives me the energy to make it through the day. I don't get tired like I used to.

With regard to the comment about taking the snake out of the bottle: I was told that the snake could remain in the bottle as long as it stays covered by the sake. If it is not longer covered by the sake, it will start to deteriorate. If the sake gets low, you can buy the habu sake without the snake and pour that into the bottle with the snake.

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Habu Sake for Energy (part 2) 2005/10/27 07:41
I forgot to include the link to a very informative Stars & Stripes article about habu sake:

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Watami 2007/1/10 11:15
If you arae in Fukuoka you can get Habu Sake at a Okinawa store named Watami, it is in the shopping disitrict of the city.
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Where to find Habu sake online 2007/8/28 07:49
I found it online at okinawamarket.com
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Habu Sake Lover 2007/10/30 01:06
I was hoping to be able to buy habu sake once I got back to the US. After being in Okinawa visiting for a month I brought a bottle back. The site www.okiawamarket.com has pretty good prices for getting it shipped to the US. Plus, if you like Habu Sake, as I do, it is worth every penny to get it off the internet, verses flying back to get more.
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validity 2007/11/10 03:53
Has anyone actually purchased from the Okinawamarket successfully?
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Ive had this in the states, last night 2007/12/3 08:44
Last night my heavy metal band played a show in Oregon and the booker for the bar gave us each two shots of this stuff. So it must be possible to get into the United States. I have to say the stuff is pretty tasty, I thought it was going to be disgusting at first. I've never tasted snake but this stuff was actually kind of sweet. I'm sure that like any other drink it varies in quality but she was trying to convince us that it was very expensive so we should be happy. Lol
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