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Working Visa --> Tourist Visa 2008/2/26 23:05

Currently I have a VISA in Humanities (teaching English). The visa expiration date is later than the last day of my contract.

If I leave the country without a re-entry permit, my VISA will be voided. However, will
I still be able to enter the country on a 90 day tourist Visa? After my contract ends, I want to take advantage of the
JR Pass which is available for foreign tourists only.

I don't plan on using my working Visa in humanities
after my teaching job finishes.

I am American.

Thank you!
by jojokun  

Working Visa --> Tourist Visa 2008/2/27 09:42

There should be no problem, and you don't even have to leave and reenter the country to convert your work visa to a 90-day tourist visa. You can change it at an Immigration office (I've done this myself), although expect to be asked a few questions about your sightseeing plans.
If you want to get a nationwide Japan Rail Pass, then of course you will have to get this from outside Japan.
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. 2008/2/27 11:18
The question is do do you actually need a temporary visitors visa or are you from a country that is visa free with Japan (eg you get a landing permission with temporary visitor status without actually having to apply for a real visa).

If you are from a visa-waiver country, the process should be quite simple, and you can fill out a "Change in Status" form at the Immigration Office.

If you are from a country where you need an actual visa, I think the status change process might be longer and require additional documents. But it is possible to change within Japan.
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