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website translation 2008/2/27 07:24
Hi! ILm a fan of japanese band Polysics; looking at their site (http://www.polysics.com), ILve seen theyLre playing some dates in Japan this spring. ILll be in Japan in May, but I canLt read japanese so I donLt know what the dates are. Can anyone tell me the dates in May?, I need name of the city and venue; though a complete translation is welcome. Just the dates in May :) To get to the dates, go to www.polysics.com, then to Japanese and then to Live section :)

Thank you very much!!
by aerond  

. 2008/2/27 09:55
I believe I got them all. If there are any that you think you can get to I can give you the times and addresses:

2008/05/01 – Nagano - Live House J
2008/05/02 – Kanazawa - Az
2008/05/04 – Matsuyama - Salonkitty
2008/05/05 – Kochi - X-Pt
2008/05/06 – Shiga - B-Flat
2008/05/13 – Kumamoto - Drum Be-9
2008/05/14 – Kagoshima - Sr Hole
2008/05/16 – Nagasaki - Drum Be-7
2008/05/17 – Oita - T.O.P.S
2008/05/18 – Shunan - Tiki-Ta
2008/05/24 – Koriyama - Club #9
2008/05/25 – Sakata - Music Factory
2008/05/27 – Morioka - Club Change Wave
2008/05/28 – Aomori - Quarter
2008/05/30 – Asahikawa - Casino Drive
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Translator 2008/2/28 20:26
For future reference, you can put the URL into Babelfish (http://babelfish.altavista.com/) and it'll display the entire page in your desired language. The translations are kinda rough sometimes, so be patient.
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Hi RobBeer 2008/2/29 02:11
RobBeer, the only one I could get to is Morioka; getting the Shinkansen from Tokyo and then coming back in a night bus... WhatLs the address for Morioka show??
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ILve encountered this... 2008/2/29 18:58
At the end of the shows list;

2008/05/10(“y)`2008/05/11(“ú) ŠC‚Ì’†“¹ŠC•lŒö‰€ ƒfƒCƒLƒƒƒ“ƒvê
OPEN 10:30 / START 12:00@21:00I‰‰—’è@¦‰J“VŒˆs

æs”Ì”„FBEA CLUBŽó•t03/03(ŒŽ)`03/07(‹à)A
BEA NETŽó•t02/04(ŒŽ)`
ˆê”Ê”­”„Fƒ[ƒƒ“Eƒ`ƒPƒbƒgAƒ`ƒPƒbƒg‚Ò‚ “Á•Ê“d˜b‹y‚Ñ“X“ª”­”„ 03/09(“ú)10:00am`
–⍇‚¹/BEA (092)712-4221 ŒŽ`‹à11:00`18:00A‘æ2E‘æ4“y—j“ú11:00`15:00

What is it??
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Just one more thing... 2008/2/29 19:13
Ok, I discovered about BEA festival... itLs in Fukuoka, so too far from Tokyo. Although I like a lot the line-up!!
So, going back to Morioka... the only problem left is on how to get the tickets.
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Club Change Wave, Morioka 2008/3/6 00:41
Hi Aerond.

Sorry, I have been away for a week, so what not available to answer your questions.

The venue for the Morioka concert is Club Change Wave:


Here is the postcode, address, phone numbers and email address.


This should give you the location on a map:


Tickets go on sale 23-3-2008 via GIP (022)222-9999. I can't find a web site for them, maybe someone else can help.

The shinkansen fare one way is 13840 Yen with reserved seat and takes 2 hours 17 minutes. I don't know the cost of a return by night bus.
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Correction 2008/3/6 00:45
The train time should be 2 hours 26 minutes. There is a slower service that takes 3 hours 17 minutes that has unreserved seats available for 13330 Yen.
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Finally Nagano 2008/3/17 20:57
Well, iLve finally decided to take my girlfriend to Nagano by surprise as some sort of birthday present; But I have no idea how will I get the tickets
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