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Packing for one year exchange to Kyoto 2008/2/27 16:35
I'm leaving to Kyoto for a year long exchange in three weeks and have to idea what to pack!! I'll be attending Doushisha Uni and am kinda desperate for a detailed list.
by Momo  

... 2008/2/27 17:00
I'd say you'll need your clothes, computer (if you've got one), and omiyage (gifts), but we can give you a more detailed list if we know your situation, i.e. where you're moving from, living situation in Kyoto, etc.
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Dont 2008/2/27 17:20
Dont bring too much clothes because if you live in a Japaneses family they do the landery pretty much every day and
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... 2008/2/27 17:54
I will be living in the uni's dormitory
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... 2008/2/27 18:01
and where are you from?
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i'm from 2008/2/27 18:10
New Zealand
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