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mailing chu-hi 2008/2/28 11:04
One of my friends who recently returned to America is crazy about sakura-flavored chu-hi and cocktail partner. Has anyone ever tried to ship cans to the US? It seems impossible, because of the risk of cans exploding, but they have to get imports here somehow...

I want to send her a few cans for her bday, but have no idea how. Help?
by k  

... 2008/2/28 14:17
Besides being expensive because its heavy, you need to find out if its legal to send pressurized cans through the mail. There will also be customs and duty to be considered since chu-hi is alcohol. Unfortunately I was unable to find anything besides this on the USPS website:

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shipping chu-hi's 2008/2/28 16:56
Sadly, the U.S. Postal service prohibits mailing alcohol. I don't know if the Japanese postal service has a similar restriction but I suppose the customs form on the package would give it away, and USPS would confiscate it.
FedEx has restrictions about shipping alcoholic beverages, stating that both sender and recipient have to be 'licensed entities'.
I don't know about UPS or other international shippers, but I'd imagine it would be similar. It's so people aren't circumventing taxes and age limits for possessing alcohol.
I can't advocate that you pack a few chu-hi's carefully and lie on the customs form. For one thing, I have no idea what happens if your chu-hi's are discovered.
Some time back I heard that Kirin or Asahi were going to start marketing Chu-hi's in the U.S. I wish they would.
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