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Which area is 'best'? 2008/2/29 03:57

I'm basically looking at apartments for when I come to Tokyo. I want to know what place would be the 'best' for me, in terms of accessibility to the mainspots, expenses, entertainment, surroundings, etc.

If you could 'rank' these areas from 1-7, that would be great :) I know this will vary in opinion - possibly a lot - but still it would be helpful

- Shinjuku , JR Chuo line
- Shibuya, Harajuku Meguro
- Azabu, Roppongi, Hiroo
- Gotanda, Shinagawa
- Otemachi, Ginza, Nihonbashi
- Asakusa, Ueno, Akihabara
- Ikebukuro, Itabashi ward

Appreciate any help
by Ben  

Da best! 2008/3/2 18:41
Are you talking long term (1 month to several years) or short stay (under a month)?
For a long term stay most, if not all, the best areas for entertainment and shopping are also the most expensive to live in. In Tokyo, as in major towns around the world, most people live 40 minutes to 1hr or more away (by rapid transit) from "best areas" in order to save on rent/ mortgage. I live in a 2.5 millions town in North America and commute daily 45 minutes -one way-to downtown and don't mind it at all.
for a short stay anywhere near the Yamanote line is a good location. I'll will let others do the rating of areas as I never go to bars,clubs etc. anywhere in the world.
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budget? 2008/3/2 18:48
It would help if you would tell us your monthly budget for accommodation. Azabu, Roppongi and Hiroo for example are very expensive areas whereas Ikebukuro and Itabashi are relatively cheap- you would pay 3 or 4 times the rent for the same kind of apartment in Azabu as you would in Itabashi.
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Thanks 2008/3/2 19:52
Thanks for the replies so far :)

I'll be staying for 10 months, so long term. I've found nice apartments in Itabashi-ku and Asakusa.

Can anyone tell me anything about these places?

Thanks again
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where? 2008/3/3 19:23
Asakusa is the old Tokyo. I find it very atmospheric, meaning--for me--the real thing. Nothing fashionable and not expensive. A Japanese buddy and I (European Caucasian)once ate at a tiny food place,sharing a table in the street with 4 grizzled old timers. The food was cheap but I liked it-whatever it was-and the old guys were so accepting of me it is one of my best souvenir. You can easily go from Asakusa to anywhere in Tokyo by the Ginza subway line then either the JR Yamanote or other subways. Ueno is 30 minutes away on foot,5 minutes by subway. On a good day you could also walk to Akihabara.
Itabashi-ku: I don't know the area, only went through on my way to someplace else but it looks like a quiet suburb. I would guess it is not an expensive place but likely also a place to get away from when one look for good shopping, entertainment, etc. Googling it doesn't give much info. I think that I live in a similar place in North America. Bland but safe and linked to downtown by rapid transit.
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search the net 2008/3/3 19:28
For info on the general atmosphere of particular areas, try Wikipedia- you'll get photos and all.

Asakusa is the historic "downtown" of Tokyo- there is a large temple complex which thousands of people visit every day.

Itabashi is more of a suburban residential area. Atmosphere-wise, I would go for Asakusa, but ultimately it would depend on where I was working.
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