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Lakeland College Japan? 2008/2/29 13:58
Tokyo 23-ku
Has anyone heard of it or have any experience with it? I currently am living in Japan and thinking of attending. It's located in Shinjuku.
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bump 2008/3/6 18:08
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? 2008/3/22 07:08
I'm also curious about this college. I contacted them recently as I'm thinking about applying as well.

Has anyone attended this school's program or know of someone who has? Heard anything, good or bad, about the program? Any help is greatly appreciated! :)
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i know a bit about them 2008/3/23 23:27
i know a bit bout lake land college japan cos a counseller from dat school came to my school to giv us a presentation. guess itll be nice to go there if youre japanese whos aiming to go aroad later on because youll be able to trasfer after taking american-based education for 2 years in tokyo. but the thing is you cannot get any diploma or degrees just attending there for 2 years. If you are willing to study but wanna get american degrees in japan, Temple Uni is the only school.
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. 2008/3/24 07:03
My understanding is that its pretty much an American Community College branch in Japan giving out Associates Degress, an American Associates Degree is esentially worthless in Japan, I think its goal is for Japanese studying in Japan who wish to later move to finish bachelors degrees in the US, though they do offer study abroad programs for US students to Japan.

Temple University Japan is a "full" university in that it offers Bachelors and Master degrees which are a little more useful in Japan.
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Lakeland Community College 2008/3/24 09:58
where I live there is a branch of Lakeland Community College no more than twenty miles away and it isn't taken that seriously here either (I live in the U.S. and I am an 11th year high school student). For instance, the chemistry class in the Lakeland College does the same labs we do in my advance placement chemistry course. the "college" is seen as an extreme last resort for people graduating from high school and people usually go to Lakeland during high school to get a better understanding on a certain subject or get easy college credits. hope that helped for a better understanding of Lakeland as a college over here.
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Thanks! 2008/3/31 09:34
Thank you everyone for your replies! They were extremely helpful and I really appreciate it :)

I'm already at a university in the US getting my bachelor's, but I was looking for a year-long study abroad program and came across Lakeland.

Can anyone tell me anything about the program, such as what the dorms, teachers, classes, location are all like? Mainly, I'd love to hear any specific details/experiences if anyone has any. Thanks in advance! :)
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Hm 2008/4/1 00:24
I just did a bit of research, and I think we may be talking about two different schools and confusing them? There is Lakeland College in Wisconsin that does a program to Japan, which I and I believe the original poster were interested in, but there seems to also be Lakeland Community College in Ohio that I think liz may be referring to? I do apologize in advance if I have this wrong, just trying to clarify as I was a little confused.
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i know LCJ! 2008/5/28 00:46
I actually went to LCJ for 3 semesters as an international student. The main school is in Wisconsin... it is a four year school that gives out bachelor degrees. LCJ is the Tokyo branch school that has students complete an ESL (aka EAP) program and continue on to the academic program. After about two years, students earn their associate degrees. Most students continue on to schools in the US, some to Lakeland College in Wisconsin, others to different states. LCJ is an AWESOME school and I really believe in what they are doing there. It's the best way to learn English and be prepared to go abroad. But, in some cases where the students don't go abroad, they still have an amazing entlish skill which helps them work in Japan. If you have any questions, please ask!
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not bad 2008/10/12 01:38
It's an overall good associate program and one of the easiest ways to get to live in Japan for a couple years. Its roughly as tough as a Community college in America. There are a couple outstanding teachers there. To name a couple Tracey Woodson is a wonderful woman with great knowledge of Anthropology and Sociology and Dr.Ned Loader a expert at Humanities, art history and the history of film. The US history class homework is borderline PHD style homework which is a little crazy as Mrs.Turoff seems to think that our lives goal is to be an expert at American History. Fortunatly you can save her classes tell last. I am currently enrolled in my second semester and am overall pleased with the school. Make sure to put your foot down when they try to force you into certain classes however as they talk a bigger game then they actually impose. I would recommend the school overall.
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dont bother 2009/8/13 06:21
Lakeland College Japan is a waste of time. Most faculty are just English conversation teachers that wiggled into a job as a "professor"...would not waste my time there
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