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Kimonos for large people 2008/2/29 14:46
Will it be easy to find kimonos to fit larger (tall and/or overweight) people in Japan?
by discodog  

like how big? 2008/3/2 12:46
What kind of Kimono do you want to get?

I tried to find large size kimono(not Yukata) on the internet but traditionaly Japanese people are short and skinny, so they dont have many large size Kimono.


I found this website that you can buy kimono online and they have XL size kimono. I don't know where you are from but Japanese XL is American M or L i think. (And it says XL=165cm person.)


I also found some LL size Yukata online, but they arent so cute...

If you come to Japan during summer time, you can find Yukata at department store or somewhere, and they have some large size I'm sure. But if you come here in winter or spring, its hard to find them at store.

Sorry my comment isnt big help.

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Thank you! 2008/3/3 05:09
Thank you for the information!
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