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CoE for 6 months, course 1 year 2008/3/1 11:07
Please I need your help because this is driving me crazy.

I got my CoE (Certificate of Elegibilty pre college student) and it say its valid for 6 months. The problem is that my course is for 1 year!!! My school knows that!!! Is this normal?

With the CoE in hand, I have to go to the embassy to get my visa.

Case 1 - I can proove my course is for 1 year and they issue my visa for 1 year... or
Case 2 - they gave me a visa for 6 months, cause the CoE says 6 months...

if worst case happens.. *case 2.. then what?? Do I have to gather all 54 (no exaggerating, 54 documents to get a CoE and then apply for an extension for 6 months?

Have you got a CoE for 6 months and a visa issued for 1 year? Or is always the same length of time CoE and Visa?

Please help, I am desperate, I start school next month... and I still cant buy the airplane ticket cause I dont know since when I will be able to enter Japan.

Please, advice T_T
by Rei  

. 2008/3/2 17:19
I know it's confusing but the CoE and visa doesn't determine how long you can stay in Japan. You have to submit your CoE to the embassy to receive your visa. The visa is only good for about 3 months. Once you land in Japan with your visa and CoE, the immigration officer will determine your valid period of stay. If he only gives you 6 months, then you have to apply for an extension before your period of stay expires. That's how I understand it to work.
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. 2008/3/2 23:43
Poe, the COE has to be used within 3 months yes, but thats now what they are talking about, they are talking about the status listed on the COE:

For example, mine under the section for STATUS on the COE said:
"College Student" (One Year) in parenthesis on the COE.

In this case the OP has a COE that says a status of "Pre-College Student (Six Months)"

From my understanding Pre-College student visa's come in different forms, and one of them is a six month form. So if you did get option 2. You would need to apply for an extension in Japan to stay longer.

I'm not sure why they gave you a (Six Month) version did the school give any explanation?
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