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Temple university admissions... 2008/3/3 13:46
I'm a senior in high school and I'm REALLY interested in attending TUJ... the only problem is I was a horrible student the last three years of high school (in a "I'm too cool to do my homework" sort of way)... stupid me!
Last semester I got a 3.8 GPA and this semester I'm getting a 4.0... I'm doing some online classes, and taking extra early morning classes to make up some of my grades from my stupidity in the last three years. This however will only get me to a 2.5 GPA (their minimum requirement) I'm taking an honors pre-calc class which I'm getting a 98% in (it's a college level course) I'm hoping this looks good considering I couldn't get any better than a C in normal math classes... I know I can get killer recommendations from my teachers, and I've even gotten awards for my grades... I just recently took my SATs and I would like for those to be near amazing... Would all this help the TUJ admissions office to look past my horrid three years? I hope they see the student I am now and how much motivation I have... (i REALLY want this)
I've been talking to the admissions people lately through e-mail... and I'm going to Japan to visit them in April...
I would really like to know if I DO have a chance of getting in (even if I don't I'm still trying) but I would LOVE to get feedback from others who are applying or attending TUJ...
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Should be fine 2008/3/4 11:26
I had a 2.7 and I had a friend who had less than 2.5 and I think they just had to get extra recommendations, we both got in.
Just write a really good essay and seem genuinely interested in Japan. This was 2 years ago though and it may be more competitive now but I think you should be fine.
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THANKS 2008/3/4 11:41
@ Kris- thanks so much! i hope thats true! I'll keep up my motivation and I know i'll get stellar recomendations!
Thanks so much again!
Hope you liked your stay in Japan :)
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