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Buying a bike in Japan? 2008/3/3 17:03

I am moving to Japan at the end of this month. I will be staying in Tsuyama, north of Okayama.

I'm going to rely heavy on a bicycle to get me around and I want to buy one that is nicer than the average 10,000 yen bike.

Is there an area in Tokyo or a specific place that sells decent mountain bikes???

And, would I be able to take this bike on the JR train to Tsuyama???

Please let me know!!!

I'm also confused about the registration. If I register in Tokyo, will it still work in Tsuyama???
by Elijah  

Tokyu Hands 2008/3/3 17:38

I don't know about specialist shops in Tokyo, but Tokyu Hands in Shinjuku has a pretty good range of serious bikes.

To take it on the train, you will need to dismantle it and carry it in a proper carry-bag or box. It might work out cheaper and easier to send it by Takuhaibin (delivery service).
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bikes 2008/3/4 05:52
try to find out what the Japanese law is regarding bikes. for example in Europe bikes must have have lights in the front and the back permanently mounted on the frame. The majority of europeans, like Japanese, prefer regular bikes with fenders, paniers etc. and ride to work etc. in regular clothes.
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