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Entrance to University 2008/3/3 19:44
I will be studying Japanese from April(for 2years) and am thinking about going to Uni part time after that.
My Japanese school says that because I havent completed my year12(I havent graduated) I cannot enter a Japanese University.

My wife is Japanese. I live in Japan.

Is there another way to enter eg take a test?
by GGC  

. 2008/3/4 08:52
Are you saying you never completed high school?

If so you'll probably need to take a high school equivalancy exam first.
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Entrance to Uni 2008/3/4 09:17
Thanks John,

I have never graduated correct.

Do all Universities offer this test?
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. 2008/3/4 09:51
Its not a university test.
How well do you know Japanese?
If not great, then you're better off taking your home countries high school equiv. test. In the US/Canada its known as the GED/General Education Degree/Diploma.
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Entrance to Uni 2008/3/4 10:21
John, Im thinking I will know enough japanese to take the test once Ive finished my 2yrs study at language school(possibly).

Im also going home for a couple of weeks soon so I will find out about it there aswell.

Where can I find more info on the Japanese exam?

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school in Japan 2008/3/4 10:46
John is suggesting that you take your own country's high school equivalency test, not the Japanese one.

I'm guessing that you're Australian, do you have that kind of test there? Universities here have individual entrance exams, and people who finish high school but don't pass the exam for the university they want to go to often then spend a year at cram school studying.

Even if there is a Japanese high school equivalency exam, it will be heavy on things like Japanese history which you won't have studied enough of, as Japanese children study this for years.

Even if you study Japanese for 2 years it's also likely your knowledge of written Japanese wouldn't be up to the task.

You are better off seeing if there is some kind of Year 12 equivalent qualification you can get in your country.
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Entrance to Uni 2008/3/4 11:09
Thanks Sira, I`ll have a look when I return to Australia although Im only over there for 2 weeks and probably wont have enough time to take it(if there is one). Hence my interest in doing this in Japan. That and Id prefer to do it here.

Also if my japanese wouldnt be good enough to take the test it probably wouldnt be enough to study at uni so I may have to look into this a little more.

Once again thanks for your help.
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