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Psychiatric hospital bar 2008/3/4 01:42
I have heard about a bar that is done like a psychiatric hospital. There are booths that are like cells, people in straight jackets, and really freaky atmosphere. I have no idea where it is and was wondering if anyone knows what the hell I'm talking about and if you do, where is it???? I really want to go. Also can anyone reccommend any clubs in Roppongi or anywhere else that play indie, rock, metal, etc.
We also want to see a band perform, not bothered who, has to be similar to the genre's above or some bizzare, obscure Japanese group. Can antone reccommend anything and where I can get tickets. Going 30th April till 6th May.
by Hayley  

Info 2008/4/6 19:25
Thge name of the club your looking for is Alcatraz its in Shibuya


Try these sites for gigs


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