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song request 2008/3/4 03:36
Hey folks!
so am looking for the song you can hear @ 7:38 in this clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPg35VwuRAY

am sorry 4 the quality & all the wasshoi screamin but yeh i hope som1 will be able to help cheers!
by siapi  

... 2008/3/5 10:06
Are you looking for a song which male hosts are screaming together? Then, I don't think that is a pre-made song but just a "cry" often used at "host club" to entertain the female guest...
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iyaa 2008/3/5 18:08
lol not the song sang by the hosts, the background music that starts right when they start screaming ^^
It sounds like a techno track, I checked the OST of the dorama but its not there so i assumed that it was produced by an artist & is probably just your regular club music :)
maa thanks a bunch for answering!
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