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thinking of getting a car 2008/3/4 14:10
My family and I have been living in tokyo for a couple of months, while the public transportation is awesome, we feel somewhat handicapped by not having a car. It's hard to load up on groceries or any big ticket items when one has to take the train and it seems the only places we can visit (we have a five year old) are places with a train station. While I certainly wouldnt use the car to drive to work, the thought of driving around and visiting other parts of tokyo without having to walk to the station and changing numerous trains sounds really appealing.

was wondering if anyone else thought this way and would it be worth the cost of owning a car.
by mark  

... 2008/3/4 21:23
I live in Gunma Prefecture, where it is hard to live without a car. If you feel the need of a car, have a parking space and the budget to buy and maintain a car, why not? If it is just for big groceries you might want to consider a kei class car, which are available new for less than a million yen:
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If you can afford it 2008/3/4 22:58
Go for it,

I have lived in Japan of and on for the past 8 years now and I would go with out a car, there are so many things to see away from the stations that you could only get to by car it really opens up a whole new world here in Japan specially on the weekends when you have time off, go for a trip into the country sides it really great plus the sense of freedom away from other people you can turn the music up, I find it so relaxing.
A car is not for everybody but I do recommend it.
Go for it.
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off 2008/3/4 23:00
Wouldn't go with out one.
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thanks! 2008/3/5 10:16
thanks for the comments! sounds like it's worth getting one.
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