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Bento on train 2008/3/4 15:00
I would like to ask about having luch on local train

Between Nara and Kyoto, Can I have lunch (BEnto) on train?

Thank you for your time
by Nancy  

usually 2008/3/4 21:59
at least in Tokyo, eating on the train is looked down on, but it doesn't mean that it doesn't happen. I've seen a girl eat Oden of all things (a soupy dish with various items in it) on the train... she got big stares from the older people. I think eating something like onigiri is fine.
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... 2008/3/4 23:08
I don't think eating bento on train is frowned upon if it is long distance trip.
Also Eki-ben (station bento) is bit of a local specialty thing, bento sold at rail stations try to be unique by using local produce and regional recipe. And I don't think you're expected to wait till you get back to hotel to eat eki-ben; I'd eat it in the train so long as there is plenty of time to do so.
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eating on trains 2008/3/5 01:01
This has been discussed many times! this why there is a search window = to find old posts on any given subject..anyway the consensus was that it is OK to eat in long distance trains where seats face forward and there is usually a small table in front of each seat. there is also a lady going around and selling food in these trains. Eating in short distance/ commuter trains where the seats look like a long bench on each side, facing one another, is not OK. A good reason for not eating in these trains is because there is a risk of spilling food on passengers standing in front of you and during rush hours they are very crowded.
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... 2008/3/5 08:30
The rapid trains between Kyoto and Nara are basically commuter trains. I personally would refrain from eating on them unless they are empty and not many people sit in the proximity. Even if I were eating, I would limit myself to "easy to eat" food, such as an onigiri or sandwich, as supposed to a bento for which you need chopsticks.
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