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Customize Wedding Bands in Kyoto 2008/3/4 18:07
Hi, i came across a japanese magazine that covers all designs of wedding bands. i like a particular design, but as the picture is taken in a black background,it's not really clear. there's no english words on the page, the only word i can make out is "京都" which is "Kyoto". can anyone provide me with website of shops in Kyoto that customise rings?hopefully a website with alot of designs. thanks alot!
by Jean  

... 2008/3/5 23:21
Is there any way you can find the magazine again and post the name/page? I think it would be very difficult to find the one you saw and liked... besides, the word in kanji 京都 happens to be also part of the word 東京都 (Tokyo prefecture), so you'd never know.
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Customize Wedding Bands in Kyoto 2008/3/6 09:10
Hey AK!
thanks for your response!
i saw the ring fm a magazine which my local jeweler passed to me. i can still go back to the shop to take a snapshot of that page and probably paste it here.
the background of that page is black, thus i've no confidence of askin them to customise the exact ring for me just yet.
anyhow, thanks once again!
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